Public Policy Advocacy

Public Policy Advocacy 4.3

The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce receives no public funding, leaving it free to advocate for the business community without inherent conflicts. Whether lobbying for specific legislation or vetting candidates for public office, the Chamber has served the business community well and earned the respect of elected officials and public employees as a fair, consistent voice for balanced policy that both supports the business community and enhances quality of life.

Most businesses either lack the resources, the relationships, the time or the clout to advocate for sound policy on their own, and the Chamber acts as a strong collective voice at all levels of government on behalf of business. As important as it is to help push good policy, it is equally important that the Chamber work to modify or defeat proposed legislative or administrative policy that either intentionally or inadvertently adversely affects business.

The Chamber is an active member of the East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance, a consortium of seven chambers in the east valley, representing more than 5,000 businesses. The EVCCA is the largest business lobbying group in the State of Arizona and is professionally represented at the State Capitol by the Dorn Policy Group.

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