Catholic Education Arizona

Catholic Education Arizona is the largest provider of scholarships to underserved families attending private schools. Since 1998, Catholic Education Arizona has awarded more than 148,000 scholarships and raised over $313 million dollars for underserved students attending one of 38 schools in the Diocese of Phoenix.

What Makes Catholic Education Arizona Unique?
Catholic Education Arizona is a 501(c)(3) School Tuition Organization. We accept both Arizona individual and corporate state tax credit contributions. These funds are awarded as scholarships to underserved children attending Catholic schools to change lives, serve society, and transform culture.
How Did Your Company Start?
In 1998 we started with Arizona individual tax credits from consumers and in 2005 we added Arizona Corporate Tax Credits from companies. Individual and Corporations in Arizona can redirect their Tax dollars owed to the state to underserved children.
What Is One Of Your Greatest Successes?
Our Catholic schools have a 99.4% graduation rate and 97% graduates matriculate to higher ed, military service or trade school.
What Do You Love About Scottsdale?
Terrific restaurants, excellent golf courses and wonderful shopping options!
How Does Your Business Give Back?
For 25 years, we have awarded 148,000 scholarships and raised $313 million to serve underserved children with education – all through tax credits.
What’s One Thing People Should Know About Catholic Education Arizona?
Catholic education is affordable, there are 38 schools in Diocese of Phoenix to choose from.
Who Is Your Ideal Customer? 
An Arizona taxpayer – Individuals or Corporations.
Who Uses Your Services?
Consumers and Business leaders who want to make a difference and does not cost them a cent!
What Are The Future Plans For Catholic Education Arizona?
We are adding an Endowment to ensure future underserved students receive education.
Anything Else You Would Like To Add? 
Its easy to participate, call us or visit our website! Companies such as GCU, Earnhardt, Shea Homes, Lumen, Cigna, AZ Bank & Trust, PNC and 130 + more participate.

Nancy Padberg, MBA, President & CEO
Catholic Education Arizona
(602) 218-6542
5353 N 16th Street Suite 330, Phoenix, AZ 85016
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