Magnum Bikes

Magnum is a design-oriented bike company whose electric bikes are as powerful and durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. Whether commuting in town or riding trails, a Magnum electric bike will deliver performance and style to keep riders moving faster and farther. Our full line of step-through and step-over e-bikes includes urban, folding, cruiser, cargo, and mountain e-bike models to fit the unique needs of every rider.

At Magnum we stand behind the quality of our product, and guarantee ongoing support and service to our customers. Together, we are re-imagining transportation and paving the way into a green, sustainable future.

How Did Magnum Bikes Get Started And How Has It Grown?
Magnum Bikes is still a Family owned business, it was started by a man named Yoni in 2010. He moved his family to Israel and saw a huge need for E-Bikes there. He grew it to the 2nd Largest E-Bike company in Israel but was outsourcing his product. He was born and raised in Utah and decided to become the manufacturer and bring his business dreams back home and start Magnum Bikes based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Since the move Magnum bikes has grown to over 300 dealers nationwide, with 7 new retail Locations in 2022.
Briefly Describe What Your Company Offers.
We offer bikes for rental, sales, and corporate or family events.
What Do You Want People To Know About Magnum Bikes?
We manufacturer our own bikes, and are a family owned large business. We will always have parts and service available, and offer a family based customer experience rather than a corporate one.
What Do You Love Most About Scottsdale?
The people, weather, food, social life, and the camaraderie of B2B.
What Is The Best Part Of Working At Magnum Bikes?
Creating an experience for families, people, and businesses called the “Magnum Experience”.
How Does Your Business Give Back To The Community?
We offer free rides for tours, and we work with non-profits for raffles, events, and experiences.
What Is One Thing You Want People To Know About Magnum Bikes?
We love our employees, customers, and community more than anything!
What Does An Ideal Customer Look Like?
Someone who is really looking for an experience, not just a bike.
Who Is Most Likely To Use Your Services?
Everyone, businesses, events… we are an experience!
What Are Your Future Plans For Magnum Bikes?
Grow! Grow! Grow!!!
What Is Your Business’s Tagline? 
Ride Longer, Ride Farther, Ride Faster!
Anything Else You Would Like To Add?
Nope, just grateful and happy to be a part of Scottsdale now!

Elliott Thorn, B2B Director
Magnum Bikes
(480) 253-9398
4821 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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