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Professional Phoenix-based Commercial Photographer with a diverse portfolio to serve all your photography needs. Experienced in studio and location photography as well as professional sports photography.

Who Are Some Of The People And Businesses You Have Worked With?
I’ve had the honor of working with the Arizona Cardinals, GoDaddy, the City of Scottsdale, Turo, LA Style Magazine, Independent News Media, and Modern Luxury Scottsdale as well as hundreds of individuals.
What Is Needed To Capture The Perfect Headshot?
A great headshot captures personality, engagement, trust and like-ability. It is part of your branding. As the photographer, I am focusing on your eyes and bringing your personality out for all to see. And I cannot tell you the importance of lighting and quality equipment in making your headshot stand out in a crowd.
What’s The Difference Between a Lifestyle Photo and a Headshot?
Before a photo session, I speak at length with my subject to determine the goals of the photo they are after. A corporate headshot has a specific purpose, but a lifestyle photo captures the personality of the subject in their environment, which advances the narrative of their story. It’s never JUST a photograph, it’s a tool that will be used to tell a story that will be used to grow a business or commemorate a moment in time.
What Makes Great Event Photography?
The amount of time, energy, and money that goes into staging an event underlies the importance of capturing moments from that event. The people who put the event on are often too busy to be in the moment, and great event photos serve as a legacy to the people, the place, and the spirit of an event.
What Does Your Ideal Client Look Like?
My Ideal client has a need for photographs that will get noticed. That’s why I like to take time with my clients to understand the bigger picture for the photos they need. I’m able to bring my years of experience to the table and together we create images that propel them forward toward their goal, whether that is creating a narrative that advances their business, capturing a moment that will last a lifetime, or capturing their personality, like-ability, and trust in a photo.

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