Membership Information

What Every Member Receives

Tax Deductions: Your membership fees are 99% tax-deductible (consult with your tax accountant).

Representation in the halls of government: The Chamber works directly with the Arizona State Legislature as part of the East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance, the state’s largest business lobbying organization. Therefore, chamber members benefit from the strength of many. From paid lobbyists at the State Capitol to strong and productive relationships with city elected officials and staff, your Chamber fights for legislation and ordinances that favor your business.

Website Listing and Business Referrals: Averaging 2,500 hits per month, the Chamber web site is a one-stop-shop for business referrals. Your 25- word description and additional keywords help you be found when anyone searches for products or services. We include a map to your business and links to your business website and social media pages. You are just a few clicks away from a new customer.

Certificates of Origin: Doing business overseas? Your Chamber provides free required certificates of origin for our members. Non-members are charged $50.

Communication: Monthly emails keep you up to date with the more than 200 annual events and committee meetings, providing you with the opportunity to choose the best events and programs for you and your business.

Social Media: Life moves fast these days, and the Chamber is active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay connected with you.

Digital Logo and Window Cling: Display your Proud Member logo on your emails, your web site, and your window. Show that you are a part of the business community and let the world know that you support building a strong, vibrant city.


Free Admission to AM Connect and PM Connect: Whether you are a morning person or an evening person, if you want to meet other business professionals and enhance your business network, our free connectivity events are perfect for you. Varying in format and structure, our networking events attract a broad cross-section of business professionals.

Special Member Rates for Events: Non-members rarely get the rates that members get when attending any paid event. Member pricing gives you a greater value.

Member Orientation:  Held monthly, these fast-paced events are designed to introduce new members and re-educate existing members about everything the Chamber has to offer. As you get new employees, send them to the Know Your Chamber Orientation for a crash course in supporting you through your Chamber membership.

Ambassadors Committee: A great way to get known in a hurry, join the Ambassadors Committee and greet guests at events, ribbon cuttings and call on new members to help get them accustomed to the Chamber.

Member to Member Discounts: Members often offer one other exclusive discounts in our member Marketspace.

Business Counseling: We are partners with SCORE and the Arizona Small Business Development Center, offering counseling and workshops right in our office to help you maximize your business potential.

Notary Public: We have a commissioned notary public on staff to help you get your business and personal documents notarized by appointment. We can help notarize wills, trusts, deeds, contracts, affidavits and more. Contact Teresa Cleland at 480-355-2700 to schedule your free appointment.


Membership Options

Basic Membership

Your gateway into a stronger business!

(Available for businesses with 1-5 employees)

Investment: $410, plus $35 Set-up Fee

Non-Profit (501c.3): $300, plus $35 Set-up Fee

Basic Members receive all of the benefits and opportunities listed above. For a micro-business, this level of membership makes you a part of a stronger business community and helps you build your business.


Classic Membership

Value for your investment!

(Available for businesses of any size, but generally most attractive to smaller businesses)

Investment: $625

Non-Profit (501c.3): $470

Classic Members receive all of the benefits and opportunities provided to Basic members and a good deal more.

Additional included benefits for Classic Members are:

Second Category Listing in the Chamber Database: Classic members make themselves more easily found by having a business listing in two categories.

Free Posting of Member News and Discounts: Classic members regularly populate one of the busiest parts of our web site – the Member MarketSpace – with news, discounts, and coupon offers.

Preferred Listing in our Member Directory: The Chamber’s online directory is stratified by membership level. Your business comes out closer to the top of the list in our directory.

Free Ribbon Cutting and Ceremony Photo: Whether opening your doors for the first time or celebrating an anniversary, our Ambassadors and a professional photographer will help you get added exposure.

Additional Committee Opportunities: Classic members may serve on the Airpark Committee, providing the Chamber guidance on challenges specific to the Airpark area and building deeper relationships that lead to more substantial business and referral opportunities.

Host a Chamber Event: You can showcase your business by agreeing to host an event or meeting at your place of business, based on schedule and appropriateness of venue.

Waived Membership SetUp Fee: Save $35 immediately by joining at the Classic level.

Host a Friday Forum: Friday Forums are member-run events that take place in the Chamber boardroom. The events are educational and can be over any topic.


Advantage Membership

Your Access to Influence!

(Available to any business looking to become deeply involved)

Investment: $1,575

Non-Profit 501.c.3: $1,150

Advantage Members receive all of the benefits and opportunities accorded to Basic and Classic Members, but the Advantage level provides access to influence and direct the Chamber in areas of public policy, economic development, programs, and connectivity.

Additional included benefits for Advantage Members are:

High-Level Relationship Building: Participate in high-end social and educational events comprised of Valley business leaders.

Participate in Exclusive Committees and Advisory Councils: Whether it is economic growth or public policy that piques your interest, Advantage level members have the benefit of participating in any Chamber Committee and/or Advisory Council of their choosing. These Committees and Advisory Councils provide the opportunity to sit regularly with elected officials, state and city staff, Chamber lobbyists, and other top community leaders making recommendations for Chamber action on key issues.

One-Time Use of the Membership Database:  Improve your targeted business marketing through the use of the Chamber’s extensive database, including key decision-makers, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Enhanced Listing with Logo in Member Directory: Your Company will truly stand out by being listed near the top of your category and through having your logo next to your directory listing. 


Partner Council 100 Membership

The Highest Level of Involvement!

(Available to any business who seeks significant recognition, leadership, and involvement)

Partner Council Members receive all of the benefits and opportunities accorded to Basic, Classic, and Advantage Members and demonstrate a true commitment to higher-level involvement and support for the mission of the Chamber. Limited to 100 companies, the Partner Council is comprised of the most influential and connected business leaders in Scottsdale and the Valley.

Click here for information on the benefits of Partner Council, or contact a Business Development Executive at 480.355.2700.


Online Inquiry

Please fill out our Member Application/Inquiry Form or contact the Chamber Office for additional information at 480.355.2700.