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We believe that everybody is an athlete. You have a body and we are dedicated to making sure that body is capable and efficient in all areas of life. Our unique assessments and individualized training programs are designed to treat all human bodies regardless of profession, sport, age, size, and weight. Our clinic provides full body assessments so we can see beyond the pain to the areas that may be causing a break down in the system. We are dedicated to full body health and avoid treating just one area of the body.

How did Athlete Chiropractic get started and how has it grown?
I’ve spent most my career traveling and learning how to make athletes the most efficient for their sport. My goal for Athlete Chiropractic was to bring what I’ve learned from working on professional athletes back to a comm- unity level. This means we treat everyone! From the stay at home and working moms, to the kids just learning their passion, to the amateur and professional athlete, and those who are retired but still want to play like a kid!
What should readers to know about Athlete Chiropractic?
We offer one of the most unique and detailed full body assessments in the industry. From there, we treat the body as a system, looking for inefficiencies and areas you may not know are affecting the body. For treatments, we provide manual adjustments, cupping, scraping, laser therapy, PEMF therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and many soft tissue techniques.
What do you love most about Scottsdale?
The community is extremely inclusive and welcoming!
How does your business give back to the community?
This year we have sponsored 10 firefighters and provided care for their 9/11 bike ride tribute across the U.S. Each month we sponsor select athletes to provide care for those who need it but may not be in a place financially to get the care they really need. We attend monthly events to provide recovery for local athletes and support our local businesses.
What is one thing you want people to know about your business?
We don’t focus on pain, we focus on performance.
What is the best part about working at Athlete Chiropractic?
Most people don’t admit the amount of pain they are dealing with because it becomes “normal”. Seeing people light up and move again in ways they forgot was possible is why I do what I do.
What does your ideal customer look like?
Someone who wants to be healthier, more efficient, and spend time caring about their body. We are not a fast fix. We really spend time working with you to achieve your goals.
What are your future plans for the business?
Heal the community, grow a business, give back to the universe.
Any final thoughts?
We are not just a clinic. We are a community and once you walk through our doors, you are considered family!

Dr. Sean Drake
Athlete Chiropractic
3260 N. Hayden Road Suite 104 Scottsdale, AZ 85251
“Discover – Adapt – Recover – Transform”

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